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So, yay, new year and all that. Or, more importantly, new Sherlock. I've been waiting 17 years for this moment- which isn't actually possible. But hey, neither is not being dead but nobody seems to care.
Anyway, I've still got to talk for another 25 minutes just to lie about reaching a 30 minute writing thing but oh well. If there's one thing I'm good at it's talking. And procrastinating. So you know what? Hell to this. I'm going to go through my happy jar of 2013 and write it down. Basically, throughout the year I put anything that makes me happy or reminds me of a happy time in a jar and then at the end of the year I go through it and remember all the good things. If I can't remember what it was about, I'll probably get rid of it. So, here we go.

August 30th: got two dueling scores of 140 on Pottermore
September 17th: made really cool deductions based on a water cooler
July: a birthday card from an ex-friend: "happy birthday to the woman which matches my class and intelligence" (next to a picture of Sherlock Holmes)
December: Christmas card from a friend: "have an anti-killing Christmas filled with chocolate :) and a happy new year"
December 27th: helped prevent a tumblr user from committing suicide
Unknown: an arrow from when I was hanging and flirting with some ex-friends
December 26th: made a tumblr friend
Unknown: saw my great aunt and uncle
September: totally smashed my Spanish coursework
December 18th: got 1700 tumblr followers
November: went to ThoughtBubble
December: Tolkien treasury from a friend
October 31st: saw Frankenstein with Ben as the creature
November 26th: saw Frankenstein with Ben as the doctor
Unknown: these weird little morph drawings
Unknown: turned a round straw into a square
Unknown: saw Thor 2
Unknown: 800 tumblr followers
January 21st: 101 hits on a fanfic in less than 24 hours
Unknown: a really cool Marvel t-shirt from topshop
Unknown: Sharpie and tissue drawings of Loki and Cabin Pressure
Unknown: asked to give an English presentation
December: a frankly awesome Christmas Sherloki'd tee wit the cutest label
Unknown: I'm not even sure but it's got Fred from Scooby Doo threatening to kill my sister in her sleep
July: birthday card with "Watson, someone has stolen our tent"
Unknown: found a share a coke with Dean bottle
Unknown: a cool drawing from my sister
Unknown: toffee popcorn
October 23rd: some damn smart work in maths on rationalising fractional surds
April 1st: Mishapocalypse
Unknown: apparently some really great posts on my url tag
Unknown: iced coffee has the best straws
Unknown: a little hulk from an ex-friend
December: a Christmas present labelled "from C**** and the alligators"
Unknown: a chocolate orange from helping at open evening
Unknown: a share a coke with Jo (me)
July: presents from an ex-friend
Unknown: cool Green Lantern ring
April: gained 212 followers due to Mishapocalypse and 7 notes on a text post
Unknown: finally obtained a much coveted highlighters named Sherlock for its love of falling off tables
I can't remember: Doctor Who!
Unknown: first full alcoholic beverage
September 7th: Granada Holmes marathon, meaning only 7 hours of sleep/food/etc in 2.5 days and damn good work on Norwood Builder
Unknown: over 1000 points in a single Fitocracy workout

So yeah, that was my good 2013. Here's to an even better 2014


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